Meet Our Team


lambert 2016
Dr. Barry Lambert, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Graduate Studies

Associate Vice President, Research

“The most rewarding thing about working with graduate students is being able to see them grow and mature as professionals and help them reach their goals.”

Random fact: Dr. Lambert is a herding dog trainer.

baker 2016
Dr. Credence Baker, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

“My favorite thing about working with grad students is learning about the various reasons they’re sacrificing their time, money, and effort to earn an advanced degree, be it advancement in their career, setting an example for their family, or making an impact in their field.  Grad students have grit, determination, and purpose that I truly admire.”

Random fact:  Dr. Baker has accidentally spilled the beans about every surprise party we’ve ever tried to have in COGS.

shipman 2016
Mr. Brandon Shipman

Manager of Graduate Services

“The best part about my role in grad studies is witnessing our graduate students’ journeys from the initial point of admission all the way through to commencement.  Helping them along the way, whether it be with course registration and degree planning, to later down the line finalizing their research with their thesis or dissertation submission, really brings into perspective why I love what I do here at Tarleton.”

Random fact: Brandon enjoys spending his weekends camping and boating at area lakes with family and friends.

Ms. Mweni Ekpo

Graduate Student Recruiter

“Throughout my career in higher education, I’ve always most enjoyed helping people reach their educational and professional goals.  My favorite thing about Tarleton is that the people are top notch – I’ve never met nicer folks.”

Random facts:  Mweni’s favorite activities are piddling, relaxing, and teaching Zumba Fitness classes.

Ms. Elizabeth Dunn

E-Communications Specialist

“I love watching the transformation of people who are courageous enough to step outside of their comfort zones and grow, both personally and professionally.  Having a role in helping them reach their educational goals is incredibly rewarding.”

Random fact:  As a child, Elizabeth learned to play three different musical instruments.

Elizabeth serves as Editor to Tarleton’s COGS blog, as well as other social media platforms.

bartelt 2016.JPG
Ms. Leah Bartelt

Assistant to the Dean & AVP of Research

“Being an employee at Tarleton has given me the sense of stability not easily found in other work places.  I’ve been fortunate to be partnered with professional, conscientious people who have a passion for improving processes in order to help the students that seek continuing education.  An added plus is that these are pretty cool cats I get to work with.  Not only do they bleed purple but they work and laugh purple too!  Go Texans!”

Random facts:  Chihuahuas are Leah’s weakness.  (She owns five which have the run of her 3 acre ranch.) Another weakness: Pizza.

Ms. Wendy Weiss

Admissions Staff

“My favorite thing about TSU is the determination and drive exhibited by our graduate students!”

Random Fact about Wendy:  Wendy loves college sports!  Basketball and March Madness are her favorite!

Ms. Erin Hinojosa

Admissions Staff

“My favorite thing about working in graduate studies is seeing the motivations behind our grad students. They are determined, tenacious people and it’s very rewarding to be able to help them fulfill their educational goals.”

Random Fact about Erin: Erin played college soccer at Oklahoma State University.

Ms. Danielle Hughes

Graduate Assistant 

“My favorite thing about TSU is the community I have found here. Tarleton has been built on tradition, and it is the thing that brings us together and makes us family, no matter our differences. My favorite traditions are Silver Taps, and Beating the Drum.”

Random fact:  Danielle loves to spend time with people in interactive ways, such as hiking, or lately, sushi-making.

Danielle serves as Content Contributor to Tarleton’s COGS blog, as well as other social media platforms.

Garen Thomas
Mr. Garen Thomas

Graduate Assistant

“Tarleton students are motivated to achieve their goals and exceed their expectations by the dedicated faculty and staff. Through this supportive environment, students are also encouraged to pursue innovative ideas, whether it is for research, student events, or other student-driven initiatives.”

Random fact: Garen speaks French-Creole.

Taylor Hutyra
Mr. Taylor Hutyra

Graduate Assistant

“My favorite thing about Tarleton is the number of opportunities available for students. There is always a professor willing to mentor a student who has ambition to pursue research, no matter their current education level (freshman, senior, graduate student).”

Random fact: Taylor is currently completing programming challenges for Google as a part of a hidden/rare hiring process.