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Diana Martinez graduated from Tarleton’s MBA program in 2015 and applies her degree towards equality and empowering others.

Born in Mexico, Diana Martinez grew up in Granbury, Texas, and earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing in 2012. She earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Tarleton State University in 2015. Crediting a go-getter spirit and the quality education she received from Tarleton, Diana is devoted to living a purpose driven and community oriented life. Diana currently works as the Corporate Relations Manager for LATINA Style, a national magazine from Washington, D.C., now based in Dallas. In her role, Diana oversees planning and execution of the LATINA Style 50 Report, the best 50 places for Latinas to work in the U.S. She manages over 30 partnerships with national organizations and assists with the implementation of conferences throughout the United States. Additionally, she carries out their mission of empowerment by working with individuals and corporations in recruitment, marketing, and diversity and inclusion initiatives. Diana describes herself as a small town girl doing her best to make an impact wherever she goes.

Read on to learn more about Diana and her Tarleton experience in the following alumni spotlight.

COGS: Why did you choose Tarleton for your graduate degree?

DM: I chose Tarleton for my graduate degree because after looking at various factors it was the best choice for me. I had obtained my BBA from Tarleton in 2012 and after working in retail marketing, I decided I wanted to continue to learn more about managing and possibly owning my own business. While searching for graduate programs, Tarleton stood out and I already had a relationship as an alumni. Tarleton made the admissions process very smooth.

The financial aspect of a graduate degree played another large role in my ultimate decision to attend Tarleton. I can proudly claim that I was able to obtain two degrees with no debt or federal assistance. That is one of the greatest things about Tarleton; students have access to quality education for a cost that is reasonable. I would highly encourage more students to be strategic in their finances and managing their educational goals. It can be done. It will require a few years of stress and effort but it will be worth it.

COGS: What advice would you have for someone on the fence about pursuing their master’s degree?

DM: Do it for yourself. Never make a decision based on someone else’s abilities or opinions. Know yourself enough and when you make that decision and say to yourself that you are ready, then you will be ready. Also, there will never be a perfect time for a new challenge. You will have to manage multiple things but the difference is the mindset that you have going into a challenge.

Even before beginning the program I was intimidated by the unknown, but I realized that I could not base my decision on someone else’s abilities. I had to know for myself, and if I failed, at least I would know by my own measure and experience. The important part is to give yourself the opportunity and to try.

COGS: How did your MBA from Tarleton help you to advance in your career?

DM: Recently, I attended an event where the CEO of a large restaurant chain encouraged the audience to get their MBA or graduate degree. He stated that obtaining an MBA is having a ‘mop bucket’ attitude. He referenced his own experience of working at a restaurant and that after closing the register, you still had to mop the floor. Regardless of how exhausted you were the restaurant was not closed for that day until the floors were mopped. I concluded he was referring to the mental exhaustion that sometimes becomes a barrier when it comes to our success.

I want to share that example because obtaining an MBA has pushed me to a new level of confidence and mental stamina. Regardless, of how exhausted I was after a long day of work, I knew I had to get my work done. Essentially, that stress and demand helped me to develop a ‘mop bucket’ attitude. A graduate degree has also allowed others to trust in my abilities because they feel you are able to manage stress and meet demanding deadlines. Ultimately, obtaining my MBA is also a reflection of my work ethic and investment in myself and my willingness to continue to learn.

COGS: What are your future plans or career goals?

DM: My passion for marketing will become my future. I want to begin consulting on business strategy, marketing, and helping create inclusive work environments and communities. I love the creativity and that the art of marketing is connecting. Whether it is a product or service the art is finding a way to get to the right consumer and ideally for both the organization and the consumer to mutually benefit. Overall, I want to continue to learn in the industry that I am in and become an expert on how to build bridges from corporate America to our communities.

Diana Martinez
Diana Martinez being hooded at the commencement ceremony.

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