Student Spotlight

Neha Gulati
Neha Gulati

Originally from India, Neha Gulati moved to the United States in 2013. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in India. During her time as an undergraduate student, she was recruited to work for an advertising agency, specifically with the marketing team, where she discovered her love for digital marketing. Neha wanted a graduate degree that would add to her experience and allow her to explore her interest, and decided to pursue Tarleton State University’s MBA program in 2015. Neha has since completed her degree requirements and will graduate with the class of May 2017.

Neha dreamed of being an international student since she was young. She commented, “I always wanted to move out of my country. It is not that I hated India, it is just that I wanted to be independent.” Neha admits that the initial adjustment to student life in the US was a challenge. However, as commencement approached, Neha began to feel nostalgic, realizing how much she has enjoyed being at Tarleton, making new friends and experiencing new things.

During her time at Tarleton, Neha has had the opportunity to participate in business research projects which have enhanced her MBA experience. For example, during her master’s studies, Neha administered a customer satisfaction survey to customers of a local Mexican restaurant. She believes her experience has helped her understand how managers can strategize more effectively through the use of market intelligence, and procure the acquired knowledge to implement promotion plans, budgets, etc. Long term, Neha would like to position her career towards the marketing and management of a firm. More specifically, she would like to align it with customer satisfaction and implementation of promotions and marketing ideas. Given the opportunity, she would like to remain in the United States to launch her career.

Adding to her student experience, Neha also credits the study opportunities provided for students of Tarleton. For instance, the generous hours of the Dick Smith Library provide students with a place to study outside of their rooms not just during the day, but well into the night. Her advice for anyone considering international study: “There are people here to help you out, but at the same time you’re on your own, so you need to know how to be yourself.”

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