Learning Tools for Grad Students


A Message from the Associate Dean

COGS is here to not only support you during the admissions process but also throughout your graduate journey. Are you taking advantage of all of the resources that Tarleton offers? Check out these services, tools, and resources to assist you through your graduate journey.

Technology is Your Friend

Think about the advancements that have been made in the last 20 years with regard to technology. You can now hold in your hand a device that has more computing power than NASA used to go to the moon in the 1960s. Your ability to leverage technology for productivity and organization will be a tremendous asset to you while in graduate school. While there are many tools to choose from, here are a few that I’ve seen other graduate students use to be successful.

Google Apps for Education (GAFE)

Google has revolutionized our ability to connect and collaborate in ways we could not have fathomed even five years ago – all for free. Because of that revolution, Google Apps have become the most popular platform for learning in the world. Take a moment to review an infographic from blogger Sylvia Duckworth (@sylviaduckworth) that illustrates each of the tools you can use with a free Google account:

GAFE train

Stand on the shoulders of giants.

Want to search peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, theses/dissertations, abstracts and more? Another service from Google is Google Scholar. The database is estimated to contain approximately 160 million documents. With the majority of these documents being freely accessible, Google Scholar is another outstanding source for academic literature.

More Tools & Services


Blackboard is Tarleton’s official Learning Management System (LMS). Your ability to navigate and use this system will be critical to your success in your coursework, because it includes course tools such as announcements, assessments, assignment submission, discussion, and learning modules.


Zoom is an online video conferencing platform that you’ll have access to as a Tarleton student. To setup your account, you’ll visit https://tarleton.zoom.us/ and log-in with your Tarleton username/password.

Microsoft 365

As a Tarleton student, you’ll get free access to download all of the tools that come with Office 365 Plus, including Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, OneNote 2013, Access 2013, Publisher 2013, Outlook 2013, Lync 2013, and InfoPath 2013. Learn more here.

Network and Web-Based File Storage Space

As a Tarleton student, you’ll also get 7 GB of storage space in OneDrive (web-based storage), and 350MB of storage on our network T:Drive. Your drive is your own personal storage space on our server. You will see it on lab computers when you log-in to your Network account. Files saved here have the advantage of being backed up and are accessible from any machine on the Tarleton network.


This web portal will be where you will register for your classes, check your account balances, check your final course grades, and keep track of your degree progress.

Code Purple

As a student at Tarleton, you’ll be automatically registered for the Code Purple Emergency Alert system. This gives Tarleton the ability to communicate health and safety emergency information quickly, by text message and email, regardless of your location.

Blackboard and IT Helpdesk

As a student, you’ll likely memorize this number – (800) 744-8900 – because it’s your life-line when things go wrong with the tools you use at Tarleton. The folks who work here are extremely helpful and resourceful, so make friends with them!

Dick Smith Library

The Dick Smith Library is a treasure-trove of resources and services you can leverage as a graduate student. Take a moment to review what’s available here.

Writing Center

Expectations are elevated for writing in graduate school. Have no fear – the Tarleton Writing Center is your go-to place for help. They’re willing to either sit down with you in person, or to utilize tools like Google Docs or Zoom to connect with you virtually.

College of Graduate Studies

Whether you need help filing your degree plan, substituting a course, or attending one of our workshops, COGS is here to help! There are several ways to keep connected with us. You can like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. We also send out a biweekly newsletter called the COGS Connection that will keep you up to date with the latest information you need to know as a graduate student.

~Dr. Credence Baker 

baker 2016
Dr. Credence Baker

Dr. Baker is the Associate Dean of the College of Graduate Studies and an Associate Professor in Educational Leadership and Technology. Dr. Baker advises students on instructional design and technology, technology applications, and Technology Director concentration areas. Her research interests include Instructional/Educational technology and its uses/impact on learning, online and hybrid learning, teaching effectiveness, and professional development. You may reach her via email at cbaker@tarleton.edu, or follow her on Twitter @drcbaker.

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