New Program Spotlight

Principal, Renee Goodwin, posing, sitting at her desk at Henderson Jr. High

Emphasis in Higher Educational Leadership

While Tarleton has had the master’s program in Educational Administration for some time, the College of Education recently introduced a new emphasis: Higher Educational Leadership. The new concentration is designed to prepare leaders within higher education, and has the following features:

  • 100% online
  • 30 hours to completion, consisting of
    • 12 hours of leadership core
    • 18 hours of higher ed specific courses
  • Cohort model

Who is this program for?

According to program coordinator, Dr. Tod Farmer, the new concentration in Higher Educational Leadership is for anyone who is interested in moving up the ladder in higher education.

“The program is geared towards people at colleges across not only the state, but the country, considering that it is 100% online. At the university setting, people who are currently serving in staff positions may be interested so they can be promoted to a director position, or some type of position with enhanced responsibility and higher pay,” Dr. Farmer explained.

Why is there a need for this program?

According to Dr. Farmer, there is a tremendous need for this program in the development of 21st century administrators. “Our educational institutions are not immune to the social issues that challenge the larger society. They are making their way into our educational institutions, and there’s a real need for the development of 21st century educational leaders who know how to tackle those challenging social issues in an educational context. That is going to differentiate the institutions that are really moving forward in the next 20-30 years. We need people who see the larger picture and understand the diverse nature of our society and the competing value systems in play. This program is designed to help individuals see things from varying perspectives and learn how to lead a very diverse population of dedicated educators towards a common goal of reaching the organizational objectives and improving the human condition.”

The new concentration is also a great option for those considering a doctoral degree in the future, especially with the 12 hours of leadership core. It works perfectly with Tarleton’s doctoral program in Educational Leadership, which has a higher education track.

The new concentration in Higher Education Administration will begin in the Fall of 2017, and the College of Graduate Studies is currently accepting applications for admission. For more information, please contact Dr. Tod Farmer at


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