Dean’s Message


Welcome back, students!

Another fall semester has begun.  This means that the heat of summer is beginning to subside and our academic buildings are again fully alive with students, faculty and staff.  I still remember the excitement that I felt as a student at the beginning of each new semester.  It is truly a fresh start.  New courses, new professors, new classmates, new challenges, and new opportunities.  I still feel that excitement as a member of the faculty.  I hope that you will take full advantage of the opportunities at Tarleton to help you to grow as a professional in your chosen field.  Our faculty and staff are fully committed to your success.  Use them as a resource to help guide your path toward reaching your goals.

Even with all of the support that Tarleton provides, earning a graduate degree is not without its challenges. I hope that you will always keep the big picture in mind when you encounter obstacles and reach out for assistance when you need it to help you stay the course.  When you cross the stage at commencement and are presented your diploma, you will look back and know that it was worth all of the sacrifice.

Good luck to each of you this semester!

~Dr. Barry Lambert


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