Get to Know . . .

Jodie Dearing

Jodie Dearing

Jodie Dearing is the graduate program manager in the College of Business Administration (COBA) and advisor to Tarleton’s graduate business students.    

Jodie started at TSU when her kids were in college, and her boys were actually at Tarleton with her. For a two year period, all five family members (Jodie, her husband, and their three children) were in college at the same time. Jodie graduated with her bachelor’s in 2006 and her master’s in 2009. Her husband was in the Air Force, and they have lived in Turkey, Germany, Holland, and England.

Jodie serves as advisor and mentor to many of Tarleton’s graduate students who choose to earn their business degrees online.  Meet and learn more about Jodie in the following conversation . . .

COGS: What is your job in COBA?

JD:  I am the graduate program manager for the College of Business, and I do their “new people” paperwork.  As soon as they’re admitted to Tarleton by the graduate office, I send them advising, welcome, and leveling information.

I am their advisor, and in some ways I am their mother when they call and say ‘I can’t do this anymore’.  I help them with registration, help them with appeals, and help them with everything.  At graduation it is kind of like I have 70 children. I get teary at graduation! Most of them I don’t meet face-to-face until then because I do most of my advising online. 

COGS: What is your favorite thing about Tarleton?

JD:  It would be hard to decide between the kids and the faculty! I absolutely love my people in the College of Business. We have the greatest people, and we all work together. We are very student oriented, and I’m all about that. 

I love working with the students, too. It keeps me young, and I know you hear that from all the professors. It also makes me feel old sometimes!

The whole atmosphere is like a little town, and everyone just helps each other. Everyone is like that – it’s a great family.

COGS:  What is your favorite thing about working with grad students?

JD:   I can talk to them like an equal. When I teach undergrad it’s kind of like talking to my kids. When I talk to a grad student, I treat them like an equal.

You have to be an adult to be in graduate school, it can be rough, and we expect a lot of students.  We know that, so we guide them through it. Grad students pretty much have to just do it.

COGS:  What are your future plans?

JD:   To work here until I die! I want to stay right here and do what I’m doing.  It would be hard to leave my grad students.  

My ultimate goals are to have grandbabies and retire and play with my grandbabies.



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