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August 14, 2016

 In this week’s newsletter …  Motivational Quote of the Week. Featured Videos.  Graduate Level Humor. Fall ’16 Semester. Outdoor Pursuits.  Portfolium.

“Doubt whom you will, but never yourself.”  – Christian Nestell Bovee

Featured Videos

Summer 2016 Commencement, Parts 1 & 2. Congratulations, graduates!


Graduate Level Humor

Fall 2016

The first day of the fall 2016 semester is August 29th.  The semester begins a little later this year, and many deadlines will be altered to correspond with the change. Please check the University calendar and stay connected with us on social media to remain informed.

Feeling adventurous?  

When planning your outdoor adventures, save money, and rent equipment from Outdoor Pursuits!  Located in the Rec Center on the Stephenville campus, Outdoor Pursuits rents items such as tents, sleeping bags, stoves, kayaks, canoes, and more! See a complete list of rentable equipment and prices here.  Additionally, Outdoor Pursuits hosts a variety of trips and clinics, including a couples’ river kayaking trip, a Dutch oven clinic, and a day-trip rock climbing. Check out the list of upcoming trips.


Create your new, digital portfolio with Portfolium!  The cloud-based tool goes beyond the scope of a traditional resume. In a collaborative environment, users can create a digital portfolio of academic and professional accomplishments, including projects, presentations, and papers. The interface highlights talents and achievements, and showcases individual work in a collaborative environment that connects students directly to companies, recruiters, internships and jobs.  More than 40,000 recruiters at firms such as Apple, NBC, Google, Disney, and more are using the platform.  See the complete list here.

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