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July 22, 2016

 In this week’s newsletter … Motivational Quote of the Week. Featured Video. Graduate Level Humor. Flag Carriers Needed! Career Resources. Graduation Ticket Updates. Speaking of Graduation.   

 “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” – Abraham Lincoln

Featured Video

 Graduate Level Humor

Good luck on upcoming finals!

Flag Carriers Needed!

Interested in assisting the International Programs office by carrying a flag at an upcoming graduation ceremony? All graduating students’ countries of citizenship will be represented in a colorful procession of flags that celebrates the diversity of our student body.  Sign up here!  (Sorry, no August graduates, please!)

Career Resources

Tarleton students have free access to a website called, which is a robust, comprehensive, web based career planning program.  Resources include salary calculators, a skills profiler, personality tests, financial aid guides, and more!  Find out more about your skills at

Graduation Ticket Updates

Graduation tickets are now available in our office!  If you need tickets mailed, or would like to request extra tickets, please submit the ticket request form.  Extra tickets will be disbursed starting August 1st.  If you had your original allotment mailed, our office will mail your extra tickets as well unless we are notified otherwise.

Speaking of Graduation 

If you are graduating in December and would like to participate in the December graduation ceremony, the deadline to apply is August 26th.  See step-by-step application instructions and graduation requirements here.

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